Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 1 - Cuzco, Peru

We made it!  
I was gonna write this all in Spanish...

but I can't.

We left for O'hare at 11 yesterday, got on our flight at 4 and were in Miami about 8-9.  We hung out in the airport until our flight to Lima, Peru... only a 5.5 hour flight.  We got into Lima at Sunrise, however, it was foggy so we didn't get to see the ocean, the city, or anything like that. 

Note - Peru runs along the Pacific ocean with beaches all along the coast.  Some sand beaches, some dangerous cliff areas (Such as Lima).  What makes the west coast of south america so cool is the variety of landscape... as you go east from the coast you will run into one of the driest deserts in the world.  After that, majestic Andes mountains.  Let me tell you, from the plane, they are truly majestic.

Anyway, after our flight, which was visually overwhelming (Desert dunes, rock faces, green rolling hills, and jagged peaks), we finally got to Cuzco.

 Plaza de Armas
We walked around the plaza and tried to bargain with people and were pretty much unsuccessful.  I need to work on my negotiation skills.  We took some pictures like the one above.  Don't tell me that ancient cathedral with 30 foot doors isn't SWEEET. 

 Other side of Plaza de Armas
Well Basically I fell in love with this city after we went to dinner and after about 20 minutes of quite eating, a group of guys with some instruments came in and starting playing some awesome Peruvian music.  Flutes, guitars, pipes, some mandolin thing, and one guy was just bangin' on a cabinet!!! THAT ROCKS.

Yeah they sound badass huh? ha ha ha, they were.
Everyone around here at night was walking around with instruments and cool things... this city is really awesome!
With the conclusion of Day 1, I am twice as excited as I was before about Day 2.  We are going on a morning tour to a cathedral and ancient ruins. I'll take pictures, should be fun.


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  1. Loving the rants, includng cactus references. I'm fixing the Internet at 1405 today and will comment on them more than.