Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27

Last night Papa and I went to a restaraunt that is attached to a historical site called Huaca Pucllana.  We had a good dinner.  However, the service was pretty bad... even for my standards (and my idea of a fine dining is Olive Garden... mmm I love Olive Garden).  After a Pisco Sour and a bottle of wine, we had dinner and decided to treat ourselves to Cubanos y Cognac.  I can´t remember the name of what I drank (wonder why), but it was goooood.  My first cuban was a good one!

We have mostly been traveling and resting the past few days, as the last week has been a relatively tough one.
We are now in Nasca, Peru which is in the middle of the desert.  It was about a 5 hour drive south of Lima.  Although, we took a break in Ica.  The largest sand dune in the world is towering over us.  The altitude fluctuates dependant on the winds and conditions.  Apparently 8 guys tried to climb it 2 years ago and were never seen again.

We did go to Ica today and rode around in a Dune Buggy (they call them boogies) and I got to sandboard.  The Boogie was fun and had great views while we wandered up and through the massive dunes.

Here is just a short video of me sucking at sand-boarding.  I only got to try 3 slopes, this was my first attempt... the guy was skeptical in letting me try it on my feet because most people go on their stomach.  I ain´t most people

It was super hard because there was so much friction I couldn´t find the balance.  When you snowboard you can lean forward and you can see when i did that my board (or wood plank with velcro straps) would just go straight into the sand.  Plus, if you try to make any sudden movements, your foot just rips out of the makeshift velcro bindings. 
We fly over the Nasca lines tomorrow which should definitely be postworthy!
We then drive back to Ica, Peru and see the vineyards for a few hours.  Then, back to Lima for some rest and relaxation before another 4 hour drive north to Caral.
Until next time,
Buenos Noches y Bueno Suerte

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